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In a large casserole with a lid, combine all ingredients except chicken.

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Included in the package are the following: Easispice Jamaican All Purpose Seasoning.

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Grab your choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish or even Tofu and give it that delicious Jamaican Jerk treatment that will make it an instant classic.Free and open company data on Jamaica company Boston Jerk Seasoning Company Limited (company number 64768).If you love spicy foods, Original Boston Jerk Sauce could be what you are looking for.

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Before the unofficial day of summer begins, I have one last Crockpot recipe you just have to try, before we say Adieu, to summer, give it a break and fire up the grill.Toss the chicken pieces with the spice mixture, then cover, and marinate in the refrigerator 2 to 4 hours.

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Here is a typical Jamaican jerk rub that can be used on any meat or fish.

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Jerk chicken is the most well-known Jamaican dish to have been exported from the island.

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Jerk pork and chicken is best done on a grill, but this recipie I adapted as my own.


Jerk Seasoning became popular, in the small village of Boston in the parish of Portland, Jamaica, W.I. it was concentrated in this village for many years, so, although, many Jamaicans, have heard of jerk seasoning, they were mostly exposed to pot-roasted pork, which many Jamaicans, called jerk pork.Jerk is supposed to be spicy, so do not skimp on the Scotch bonnet peppers.As well will get to test out the recently bought Jerk seasoning from my local Caribbean market store.

Some discriminating folks say the best jerk comes from Boston Bay.

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Jerk is a delicious traditional style of cooking native to Jamaica.Fresh fruit juices, or even just fruit, and jewelry are part of the mix, and.Grace Jerk Seasoning - Mild - 1 Bottle 10 oz - Spicy Authentic Jamaican Jerk Sauce - Caribbean Marinade Rub for Chicken, Pork, Fish, Vegetables, Steak, Tofu and More - Bonus Jerk Cooking Recipe eBook.

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Make the jerk rub by combining the salt, allspice, brown sugar, onion powder, garlic, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and thyme.

Jerk seasoning, as mentioned in my previous posts on jerk, is a traditional spicy Jamaican seasoning used for different types of meats.

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From shake-on spices to marinades, we have everything you need to up your grill game.Boston Bay is famous throughout Jamaica (and elsewhere in the world) as being the birthplace of Jerk food.As far as service and setting, you can expect the formality to be very casual.Grab your choice of Beef, Pork, Chicken, Fish or even Tofu and give it that delicious JCS Dry Jerk treatment JCS Boston Dry Jerk Seasoning is the secret behind all that delicious spicy goodness Combines spicy peppers with a variety of delicious warm spices to create the balanced island flavor profile.This authentic sauce is versatile and adds exceptional flavour to any local cuisine.This distinctive seasoning is manufactured by Portland Kitchen - Natural.

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