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But before the summer winds down, we figured it might be a good.

The main reason why the restaurant is quite popular in this region is the food.On the palate the tequila has flavors of anise, with a funky, permeating sweetness.

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Sure, you love whiskey, but good whiskey and good tequila have a lot in common.

There is no doubt that when people like their tequila, they really love it.Dear Cecil: The other night I was talking with a friend who worked at a bar in Arizona where most of the hicks got shots of tequila.According to About.com, several drinks can be mixed with tequila, including orange juice and grenadine, as well as grapefruit juice.When it comes to this alcohol of choice, there really are no boundaries or limitations.

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Get yourself to expert level by browsing these 10 quintessential (and tasty) ambassadors of really good tequila.The same study found that consuming agavins helped the mice produce insulin and lower blood glucose levels, which could be good news for people who suffer from diabetes.

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For tequila drinkers this is both a great gift and a dilemma: which new tequilas are worthy of your time and money.

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Tequila is widely known as a distilled spirit made from the blue agave plant, which is primarily grown around the city of Tequila, in the highlands of Jalisco.

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