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He wrote all of the music and lyrics for the Multiplication Rock math series and two of the best-known Grammar Rock numbers, Conjunction Junction and Lolly, Lolly Lolly, Get Your Adverbs Here.

‘Schoolhouse Rock’ Creator Dead: Singer-Songwriter Bob

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Each segment focuses on an individual number represented by its unique character.

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If you skate, you would be great If you could make a figure eight.

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A series of shorts illustrating various songs that teach multiplication tables, grammar, science, American history, computers, economics, and.As you know, the Schoolhouse Rock series has been used as a learning tool with students since the late 70s.These songs, which developed into Schoolhouse Rock, would be mostly written and sung by Dorough.

'Schoolhouse Rock' Composer Bob Dorough Dead At 94

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Each song tackles a different subject in history, grammar, and math in the catchiest way possible.

Bob Dorough, 'Schoolhouse Rock!' Performer and Writer

About Schoolhouse Rock The musical shorts created by David McCall that taught entire generations.

Schoolhouse Rock Schoolhouse Rock is one of many artifacts from the 1970s that still is in existence today.

'Schoolhouse Rock' composer Bob Dorough, RIP

7 'Schoolhouse Rock' Songs Written By Bob Dorough

Tim and Moby are at the zoo, and need to use simple multiplication skills in order to feed the animals.Bob Dorough, the musician best known for writing and performing some of the most beloved Schoolhouse Rock songs, has died at 94.

It presented all the math songs as heard in the films, but sometimes with sections that were cut for time.Multiplication Rock My Hero, Zero Elementary, My Dear Three Is a Magic Number The Four-Legged Zoo Ready Or Not, Here I Come I Got Six Lucky Seven Sampson Figure Eight Naughty Number Nine The Good.

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Although hesitant about trying a new genre of music, he came up with the first Multiplication Rock song, Three is a Magic Number.

This is a Multiplication Rock so starring Phineas and Ferb co-featuring Isabella.Back in 1972, someone came up with the idea to put educational songs to animation as Saturday morning interstitials on the ABC network.

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An advertising executive got the idea when he saw how his son remembered song.A series of three-minute informational programs that teaches children about multiplication through lively songs and music.

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The songs and segments covered grammar, American history, multiplication, science, and money.

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With ingenious lyrics, dry material like the multiplication tables and grammar is explained with a blend of poetic grace and pop sensibility.

All of the songs that I have listed as 1-10 I think are some of the most recognizable songs in all of Schoolhouse Rock.

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Bob Dorough of 'Schoolhouse Rock!' fame dead at 94 |

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