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There was one born in the sky, sir, the day I was christened with a Turkish crescent.

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It creates a thought provoking image that is intense and somewhat ominous.This is a really cool tattoo with the contrast of black and skin.

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Which allows you to draw on this part of the body any stars falling from crescent moon tattoo artwork, play with colors and scales, displaying shadows and half a ton, in general, to create beauty on the human body.Wear this flower crescent moon on your arm or your back for that extra fashion-forward touch.Easy to hide with your hair if you need to, and totally sexy when it peeks out of your shirt.

The artist did a great job with the lines especially with the skull as it penetrates the darkness.

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For a large population just seeing the sun and the moon is a thrilling sight and having them both together as body art is a pleasure. Sun.

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This article, which details the history, design, and meaning of the sun tattoo, will help you decide, with sun-and-moon tattoos, tribal, Celtic design, and many photos.

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Moon Tattoos Moon tattoos are perfect for anyone who believes in the powers and influence of celestial powers, has a whimsical side, or appreciates the history and science of astronomy.

Dedicated to both artists and human canvasses, provides community members with ink-related news, offers, and artistic recognition.

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When Grande is lying down on the stairs in one of the music video scenes, the camera zooms in close so we can see the crescent moon tattoo on her neck.I love the placement of this safety pin tattoo since it follows the shape of the hand. 4. Bow Hand Tattoos A colorful bow hand tattoo can definitely make a...

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Scorpion tattoos symbolize power. 2. Hand Tattoos Designs Originally posted by buzzfeed.It only use white ink no other additional pigments for tattooing.The tattoo could mean several things, but most commonly it is used by some modern Pagans to demonstrate their devotion to the Goddess.People often look at crescent moon tattoos and assume they lack meaning, but the truth is that these designs can hold very deep and powerful meanings to their owners.

For such a simple tattoo, it really makes a big statement here.

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