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Most HDTV antennas work for 30 miles and a few claim to get up to 60 miles.The combination of a small sleek design, positive reviews and low price make the Mohu Leaf our pick for the best indoor HDTV antenna.Find great deals on eBay for rca tv antenna and rca digital tv antenna.

This multi-directional and fairly large Antenna from Audiovox is by far one of the most popular ones you can currently get and not only does it have feature a dual plane design, but it also eliminates the need for constant adjustments.

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The Channel Master CM-4228HD multi-directional antenna is one of the best long-range antennas on the market because it offers great range.

Enjoy the reliability with this 360 degree omni directional antenna that amplifies signals with an unbeatable picture.

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It is important to understand that an amplifier is not an automatic remedy to poor reception and is always less important than antenna placement and directivity.Everything in the box: the antenna, amplifier, and attached power adapter.

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You can expect to pay more for antennas that have a longer range and for those that pick up less common frequencies.They are the best solution for individuals in rural areas living far from a cluster of.

The RCA ANT1100F is an ultra thin indoor HDTV antenna with multi-directional design and a maximum coverage range of 40 miles.

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The Multi-directional reception and creative bar design, allow you to install your AT-215B antenna in various locations around your home: on a wall or on a table top.However, my dad remembered it working quite well for analog TV, before cable was available in our area, so we decided it was worth the risk to try wiring it back up.

This is a fairly large and capable antenna that showed outstanding results in our real-world tests.

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The ANTOP Flat-Panel AT-401BV panel design is aesthetically pleasing and suitable to match a wide range of home exterior styles.Featuring an 8-bay, phased array design that provides 180-degree multi-directional reception up to 80 miles, the Channel Master CM-4228HD EXTREMEtenna 80 High VHF, UHF and HDTV Antenna is the perfect choice for those who need the extra range this antenna provides.Though these are the smallest among all antennas, they are capable of receiving great signals from various directions.

Using you will be able to see if you need a small, multi-directional outdoor TV antenna, a large directional with pre-amplifier, or something in-between.The Multi-directional reception, UV coating and weather resistant finish and creative panel design, allow you to install your AT-403B antenna in various locations around the exterior of your home: wall.The ANTOP Flat-panel AT-400V panel design is aesthetically clean and suitable to match a wide range of home exterior styles.

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Pictured below is the DB4, a large multi-directional UHF HDTV Antenna.Read reviews on Electronics merchants and buy with confidence.

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The role of an amplifier in over the air TV reception is often overestimated.

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Omnidirectional antennas can pick up signals from all around them, while directional antennas aim themselves at one source.As is the case with all ClearStream Outdoor HDTV antennas, it has a wide beam angle that does not demand any sort of rotation for better reception.The total size of an antenna has the greatest impact on its effectiveness, and the Channel Master CM-4228HD is large enough to capture most channels without the need for rotation.RCA ANT1100Z Ultra-Thin Multi-Directional Indoor HDTV Antenna Like Philips, Westinghouse, and Kodak, RCA is a zombie brand —a dead company that lives on as a logo slapped on white-label goods.

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